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Entry for March 10, 2009

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I’m just back from New York City where I received the prestigious National Jewish Book Council award for The Diary of Laura’s Twin. It was a fabulous weekend and a wonderful celebration of books. There were 16 awards given out in different categories. Mine was Young Adult Literature Book of the Year. Each of the authors were given about three minutes in which to make an acceptance speech. We were not allowed to thank anyone; thank-you’s had to be submitted in writing and they were listed in the program. I thought that was a fabulous idea because it gave each of us a chance to talk about why we had written our books and why these stories were so important - much more interesting than listening to a bunch of thank-you’s. I met authors from across the United States, from Australia, and England. I was thrilled to represent Canada at the ceremony. Check out the photo of me on stage.

Last week I gave an inteview on Roger’s Cable television in Markham. It featured Helen Yermus, who is one of the survivors that I wrote about in Whispers from the Ghettos. Here’s the link to the piece If you go to March 3 and click on the screen, you can watch the video.