Greetings readers and writers!

My summer has been filled with many wonderful things! Hope yours was the same.
First and foremost, I spent most of the summer doing the thing which I love most and that is writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and when I was finished writing one thing, I wrote some more. I have a new thinking place in the backyard– a big lounge chair shaped like a bucket (if you can imagine!) I think I did my best writing there.
A couple of projects on the go– one of them (one I am really quite excited about) is a play I have written with none other than my son Jake Epstein. How amazing that I have the opportunity to work on a creative project with my very own son! The play is called “Therefore Choose Life” and it is about Joseph– a Holocaust survivor who remarried after the war only to discover that his first wife, Chava– a woman he thought he had lost in the gas chambers is actually alive. We did a table read with some very talented actors including my wonderful daughter, Gabi Epstein (yup, she’s named after my mother, Gabi).
The other writing project I’m working on is a book called Voices of Remembrance: Today’s Youth Respond to the Holocaust, which will ask young people from across the country to write about the Holocaust. Their essays will be included in a book to be published by Second Story Press. If you are a teacher or teacher/librarian, interested in having your students participate, write to me and I will send the information
And finally, I’M ON FACEBOOK! I didn’t think I’d do it, but I did. And I’m looking for friends! I still don’t exactly know how that whole world works but my daughter is helping me out. Saw “The Social Network” and was hooked. Hopefully I will see you all in cyberspace!
That’s it for now! Please check back for updates about our play, “Therefore Choose Life” as well as the “Voices” project. I think it’s going to be a very exciting year.

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