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A New Book!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I’m proud and excited to announce the publication of my new book for young readers, To Hope and Back: The Journy of the St. Louis. This luxury ocean liner left Germany in 1939 carrying almost 1000 Jewish passengers. They were all hoping to find freedom across the ocean, away from the Nazi regime that was threatening them. Not one country in North or South America (including Canada) would permit the ship to land. It was finally forced to return to Europe where over one third of its passengers eventually perished in the Holocaust. This book documents the journey of the St. Louis and the story of two of its passengers. Lisa Avedon and Sol Messinger were children on board the ship. They were among the lucky ones to survive. To Hope and Back is another book in the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers, published by Second Story Press.
I’ll be talking about this new book during Holocaust Education Week here in Toronto in November. I’ll let you know the details as they develop.
Hope you all have a chance to read this remarkable story!