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Historial Fiction

Cover - Secret of Gabi's Dresser The Secret of Gabi's Dresser Gabi's life is turned upside-down when Nazis invade her country of Czechoslovakia. When a rumour begins to circulate that Jewish girls are being taken away from their family to some unknown destination, Gabi must decide what to do. Should she run away or is there somewhere safe she can hide? This book is based on a true story about my mother who hid in a dresser that was in her mother's dining room. Several years ago I turned this award-winning book into a play that has had three successful runs in Toronto, playing to over 20,000 young people. (on amazon logo)

Cover - The Night Spies The Night Spies In this sequel to The Secret of Gabi's Dresser, Gabi, her mother, and her young cousin, Max must leave their home to go into hiding in a small mountain village. They hide in the cramped hayloft of a kind and brave Catholic farmer. But after a few months, Gabi and Max can't stand the confinement any longer. They venture from their hiding place to become scouts for partisan soldiers hiding in the forest. Every trip into the woods brings new risks and challenges, but the chance to help fight the Nazis gives them strength and courage, and a renewed sense of hope in dark times. (on amazon logo)

Cover - Clara's War Clara's War Clara's family has been living a very happy life when the Nazis invade. They are soon sent to Terezin, a walled town in Czechoslovakia. Despite the hardships, Clara finds wonderful new friends. An announcement that auditions are being held for a children's opera, "Brundibar," has the musical Clara eager for a part. However, when she learns that her special friend, Jacob, is involved in a dangerous escape plan, Clara has some new challenges to face. Inspired by real events including performances of "Brundibar," Clara's War has recently been optioned for film and is an unforgettable story. (on amazon logo)

Cover - The Diary of Laura's Twin The Diary of Laura's Twin Laura Wyman is 12 years old and about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, the coming of age ceremony for Jewish girls. She receives the diary of a 12 year old Jewish girl named Sara Gittler who was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War. Laura is called upon to "twin" with this child of the Holocaust and to find a way to celebrate and honour Sara's life through the ceremony of her own Bat Mitzvah. At first resistant to this project, Laura comes to realize that the child whose diary she has been presented with has much to teach her about the world, the choices we make, and the nature of human commitment. (on amazon logo)

Historial Non-Fiction

Cover - The Underground Reporters The Underground Reporters Jewish children create a newspaper during World War II, when other privileges have been taken away. Twenty-two editions of this paper were created, and while many of the children did not survive the war, the newspaper were hidden away and kept safe. This is a true story of John Freund, Ruda Stadler, and other young Jewish people who refused to be silenced and defeated. (on amazon logo)

Cover - Hiding Edith Hiding Edith The true story of Edith Schwalb, a young Jewish girl sent to live in a safe house after the Nazi invasion of France. Edith's story is remarkable not only for her own bravery, but for the bravery of those that helped her: an entire village, including its mayor and citizenry, heroically conspired to conceal the presence of hundreds of Jewish children who lived in the safe house. (on amazon logo)

Cover - To Hope And Back To Hope and Back: The Journey of the St. Louis The St. Louis, a luxury ocean liner, leaves Germany in 1939, taking its almost one thousand passengers to a safe haven across the ocean. Lisa and Sol are two children aboard the ship. But their chance for refuge is threatened when the ship is not allowed to dock in Cuba. (on amazon logo)

Cover - We Are Their Voice: Young People Respond To The Holocaust We Are Their Voice: Young People Respond to the Holocaust Do young people find meaning in the Holocaust? This question prompted a writing project that brought heartfelt responses from students from across North America and abroad. Their voices – in the form of letters, essays, poems, and art – provide hope for a more peaceful and tolerant future. (on amazon logo)

Cover - Shanghai Escape Shanghai Escape Shanghai, China is a strange place for a young Jewish girl from Vienna. But that is where Lily Toufar finds herself in 1938. She and her family have escaped from Europe hoping to find a safe refuge. Despite their hopes, it turns out that all is not safe in Shanghai. A true story. (on amazon logo)

Adult Historial Non-Fiction

Cover - Restitution Restitution: A Family's Fight for their Heritage Lost in the Holocaust Europe on the eve of the Second World War. Karl Reeser and his family make a daring escape from their home in Czechoslovakia under the watchful eyes of the Gestapo. Their lives are saved but all else is lost, including four beautiful and valuable paintings. In the years that follow, they search to reclaim these pieces of their lost legacy. (on amazon logo)

Series Historical Fiction: Our Canadian Girl

Margit: Book One - Home Free Margit: Book One - Home Free Margit is eleven years old. She and her mother have escaped the Nazis terror in war-torn Czechoslovakia for safe haven in Canada, and in Toronto's Kensington Market. Margit is overwhelmed by the freedom and the kindness of family. Yet her past continues to haunt her. Some people don't think she belongs here. And there is no news of her father who was taken away by the Nazis back home. (on amazon logo)

Margit: Book Two - A Bit of Love and a Bit of Luck Margit: Book Two - A Bit of Love and a Bit of Luck The war has ended and Margit is thrilled that her father has returned to his family. But he cannot find work in this new country, and Margit starts to fail at school, something she hides from her parents. How can she disappoint them after all they have been through? (on amazon logo)

Margit: Book Three - Open Your Doors Margit: Book Three - Open Your Doors It is 1947 and Canada has opened its borders to one thousand Jewish war orphans. Margit is determined to have a Jewish child who was orphaned during the war come and live with her family. How can she convince her parents that they have the space, money, and time for another child? (on amazon logo)

Margit: Book Four - A Friend in Need Margit: Book Four - A Friend in Need Nine-year-old Lilly has arrived to live with Margit and her family. Margit dreams that Lilly will become a new sister to her. But Lilly doesn't speak English and is distant and unhappy. Margit and her family are feeling the strain. Even Margit's cherished friendship with her best friend, Alice, is at a breaking point. Will Margit ever be able to break through to this troubled young girl? Will Alice ever speak to her again? (on amazon logo)

Series Historical Non-Fiction

Whispers from the Ghettos Whispers from the Ghettos The first in a three-book collection of short stories from survivors of ghettos across Europe during the Second World War. Read about Elly Gotz and Helen Yermus, who survived the Kovno Ghetto, Chava Rosenfarb, a writer and poet who was imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto, Bronka Krygier who managed to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto. They along with the others in this collection lived in horrible conditions and constant fear. And yet their spirits stayed strong and they survived to tell their stories. (on amazon logo)

Whispers from the Camps Whispers from the Camps The stories continue in this second installment of the Whispers series – tales from survivors of concentration camps. Read the harrowing accounts of Bob Kornhauser, Judy Cohen, Arthur Kacer (Kathy Kacer’s father), and others who, as children, survived being captured and imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camps of Europe. Despite insurmountable odds, they lived to tell their stories. (on amazon logo)

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